Venus Factor Review: Is John Barbon A Scammer?

The Venus Factor is definitely not a scam. If you follow the program, you will lose weight. However, that doesn’t necessarily make the Venus Factor the ideal program for you. There are a lot of different ways to lose fat. Sure, some work better than others. But honestly, most programs that you pay for will […]

How to Get A Body Like Christian Bale in American Psycho

Would you like to look like Christian Bale in American Psycho? I don’t know about you…but I certainly would! His body is a perfect example of the ideal Hollywood physique. Broad shoulders, a powerful chest and a slim waist with a six pack. Not only will girls drool over you at the beach, but you’ll […]

Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program Review – Scam or Legit eBook?

I rarely recommend fat loss eBooks because they are generally just over-priced garbage. The Warrior Shredding Program one is an exception. This PDF contains all the information you’ll ever need in order to lose fat. You could spend countless hours searching for the same information for free on the internet. But remember, you’ll never get […]

How to Avoid Binge Eating During The Christmas Period

Christmas is coming up and for a lot of you that means eating great meals with your family. Unfortunately, there is often some guilt associated with enjoying the huge family meals. You have been working on improving your body all year. You don’t want to throw away all the progress you’ve made in just a […]

Don’t Stress About Minor Details (Focus on What Truly Matters)

People in the fitness industry are obsessive. Going to the gym and eating a healthy diet is very important but it shouldn’t become your whole life. At some point people seem to lose sight of why they started going to the gym in the first place. Maybe you want to lose weight and gain muscle […]

Body Recomposition: Can You Lose Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?

Gaining muscle while losing fat is what everyone wants to do. People always ask if this is possible because they can’t decide what they want to do first. If you visit online forums you will see this question all the time. Usually the responses are quite negative. They are told to pick a goal and […]

What Is The Best Form Of Cardio?

So you have decided you want to lose weight. This might be your first try or your twelfth – it doesn’t matter. Either way the first things people do when they want to lose weight is change their diet and start doing cardio. That’s not an ideal approach because it doesn’t involve any type of […]

Eating Chocolate Will Help You Lose Weight: Why Flexible Dieting Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

I bet I got your attention with that headline. And in case you are too lazy to read the whole post: Yes, eating ‘bad foods’ like chocolate can help you lose weight. Notice that I said ‘can’. Chocolate isn’t a magic superfood that will make you drop pounds of fat overnight. Superfoods don’t exist and whether […]

Free Ressources That Will Help You Reduce Your Weight

In this post I will gather all the best articles and guides about losing weight. There is a lot of great information available on the internet. The problem is finding it. If you aren’t an expert on training or nutrition you can’t separate the good advice from horrible advice. And most advice on the internet is […]

How To Get Rid Of Hunger and Lose Weight Effortlessly

Losing weight is incredibly easy in theory. If you have spent some time learning about it online you already have the know-how to do so. Of course that is assuming that you have received truthful, correct information. Maybe that’s too big of an assumption to make on my part. There are a lot of crappy, […]