How to Avoid Binge Eating During The Christmas Period


Christmas is coming up and for a lot of you that means eating great meals with your family. Unfortunately, there is often some guilt associated with enjoying the huge family meals.

You have been working on improving your body all year. You don’t want to throw away all the progress you’ve made in just a couple of days.

Some people go to the extreme of avoiding family dinners and instead choosing to bring ‘healthier’ food from home.

Please don’t do this.

Enjoy yourself and don’t feel guilty about what you eat

Chances are you have basic goals. You want to lose weight and gain some muscle. But don’t think that you have to sacrifice a lot to reach those goals.

If you are eating in a calorie deficit and lifting weights consistently, a couple of days of over-eating won’t matter all that much.

And as I wrote about here, losing weight (and fitness in general) shouldn’t be your whole life.

So try to enjoy yourself without worrying about your diet for a few days.

If you follow the advice in this post, you’ll probably not even eat that many calories.

Intermittent Fasting to avoid gaining weight this Christmas

Especially Intermittent Fasting is a great technique for the holiday season. I highly recommend skipping breakfast and pushing your first meal as late into the day as possible.

You’ll consume fewer calories and enjoy greater freedom to eat whatever you want for dinner. Sound like a good deal?

Well, it is.

I will certainly be using Intermittent Fasting during the festive period myself. The benefits are simply too good to ignore.

Counting Calories

You won’t be able to accurately count your calories when eating out with friends and family. That’s just a fact you have to deal with. Don’t worry about it and like I said: Enjoy yourself.

But whenever possible, try to at least estimate how many calories you are eating.

This number will be wrong.

But the accuracy of your calorie tracking isn’t what matters.

The point is, no matter how far off you are, you’re still doing better than if you didn’t track at all.

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t track your food intake, you usually eat more?

I certainly used to do this.

I have seen others doing the same, so some of you probably fall into the same trap.

I am not sure why this happens. Here’s my buest guess:

You are usually disciplined with your diet and because you aren’t tracking anything on that day, you subconsciously think this is your opportunity to cheat.

Don’t fall into this common psychological trap. All you have to do to avoid it is: Track your caloric intake whenever possible.

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy yourself, don’t feel guilty about eating big family meals but try to stay on track whenever possible.

You won’t undo all your progress in a couple of days of eating.

Don’t forget to get back in the gym as soon as possible. All the extra food you ate will give you plenty of fuel for a great workout. Do not waste this extra energy on cardio; lift some big weights instead.

And if you do have a day where you binge eat, get back on track the next day.

Don’t beat yourself up but also make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Merry Christmas and until next time,


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