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In this post I will gather all the best articles and guides about losing weight. There is a lot of great information available on the internet. The problem is finding it. If you aren’t an expert on training or nutrition you can’t separate the good advice from horrible advice. And most advice on the internet is not good advice. This is unfortunately the case despite experts trying to spread the truth. If you use Google to find information about losing weight you will almost definitely find a lot of general, non-applicable and useless information. Luckily you have found this site! If you want to find out the truth about weight loss (in an industry filled with a lot of lies) you have to go the top experts for information.

While I am generally against people spending a lot of time researching this stuff – you would be much better of getting my e-book and then immediately applying the information – for some people reading free information is more useful. I know not everyone is willing to invest $20 into an e-book even if it will change their life. For that reason I am compiling a list of the best posts from around the web.

I divided this list of articles into four chapters:

  • Diet

  • Training

  • Correct Technique

  • Mindset / Motivation


I will do my best to find all the great posts on the internet but obviously I will miss some. If you have an article that you believe would be a good addition to this list please let me know via the contact form.

Best Articles About Dieting to Lose Weight

Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting

The title of that article is misleading really. Sure it is helpful for a beginner but really the title should be something like: “The Absolutely Best, Most-Detailed, Most Helpful Guide To Intermittent Fasting”. Seriously. Whether you are new to IFing or have been doing it for years you will definitely find something useful in this article. If you only read one post about Intermittent Fasting in your whole life make sure it’s this one. He explains the benefits of Intermittent Fasting, how he uses it and answers basically every question imaginable.

Why Does Breakfast Make Me Hungry?

This is a very long and detailed post. Martin Berkhan, the author of, is one of the people who has popularised intermittent fasting. In this post he explains why fasting makes you less hungry. A lot of people notice that they are less hungry if they don’t eat breakfast. That doesn’t really make sense if you think about it. Even if you aren’t eating very filling food surely eating something should make you less hungry than eating nothing. If you aren’t convinced by intermittent fasting yet you should take a look at this explanation. Honestly if you are already using IF then don’t bother reading this. It is a long and not entirely easy post to read.

Martin Berkhan knows how to get and stay lean!

Martin Berkhan knows how to get and stay lean!

All Diets Work: The Importance of Calories

This is a topic I’ve touched on a couple of times. If you are interested in a more detailed explanation this is the post to read. Basically he states that caloric balance is the only thing (or at least by far the most important) that separates a successful from a not-so-successful diet method. What I really like about this article is that he is very honest about the fact that some of these weird diets work. However they don’t work because of the reasons people think they do. Most popular mainstream diets are a psychological trick to get you to eat fewer calories. All we’re trying to point out to people is that weight loss happens because of a calorie deficit.

A Complete Guide To Creating Your Own Diet Plan

This is another really useful site to learn about losing weight. There isn’t much information on this page but the author does a great job of linking to all his articles. The great thing about it is how well-organized it is. That way people can actually apply the information on the site.

So You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau: Now What?

Unfortunately your progress will likely stall eventually. That can be very frustrating and is often a reason that people give up. Don’t let that happen to you! In this post you’ll find some useful tricks to get you through your weight loss plateau.

5 Quick Fixes to Drastically Improve Your Diet

I am generally not a fan of ‘quick fixes’. They tend to not actually fix anything but rather just delay problems for a while. The advice in this post is different because if you follow these tips you will make weight loss a lot easier for yourself. Making weight loss easy is exactly the goal of this website. I’ve said before that there aren’t many rules that you have to follow in order to reduce your weight. However by following these simple tips you will make the process so much easier.

Best Articles About Lifting Weights For Weight Loss

Everything You Need To Know About StrongLifts 5×5

Since I recommend beginners use this program it seems obvious that this would be the first link in the training woman deadliftingsection. This page answers just about every question you could have about StrongLifts. If you are using the program or want to start using it this is a must-read. To be honest I consider t
his to be a must-read for anyone that is interested in lifting weights to maximize their weight loss.

I could list some more articles about training. That wouldn’t be very helpful though because you should listen to training advice from whoever wrote the program you are using. That way you actually know whether the program is good or not. Often people make adjustments to well-written programs and are later surprised when they don’t get the results they were hoping for. The best advice I can give anyone that is new to lifting weights is to simply follow a proven program. (Like StrongLifts 5×5)

If it’s a full-body program that focuses on progressive overload it’s probably not too bad.

Do not change anything in the program! 

If after 6 months you haven’t made any progress you should find a better program (hint: StrongLifts 5×5) or something is wrong with your diet that you need to fix right now.

Best Videos Explaining Correct Lifting Technique

There are tons of good videos on YouTube that show you how to do exercises properly. There really aren’t any excuses to having crappy form. The videos below show you how to do all the big, compound exercises. You’ll need these if you are using StrongLifts or basically any decent lifting program.

How To Bench Press correctly

How To Barbell Row correctly

How To Squat correctly

How To Deadlift correctly

How To Overhead-Press correctly

Best Posts About Mindset or Motivation in The Gym

Benefits of Music in the Gym

This is something that everyone has to experiment with themselves. You need to find out what music helps you get pumped up. My playlist will be different from yours. Maybe you perform best when listening to happy music. For others it will be aggressive rap or rock that gets them in the zone. Don’t always listen to the same music or it will quickly lose it’s effect. Secret tip: Keep the songs that give you the most energy for hard workouts or exercises where you desperately need the extra motivation.

Finding the Time to Work Out

Everyone has only 24 hours per day. Some people find the time to go to the gym consistently for years. Others don’t.

You can tell which category they fall into just by looking at people. So the question should be ‘when’ notif’ you go to the gym today.

Closing Thoughts

There is a lot of great information spread across the internet. Hopefully I have done a good job of finding the best posts that will actually help people lose weight. Obviously there are other articles that are good too that I haven’t linked to. If you have a suggestion for this list please send it to me via the contact form. I will update this post when I have new additions to make.

Remember that whil reading on the internet is great you will get to your goals a lot faster by simply buying a good book about the topic. My guide to weight loss is structured so that you can get all the information you need in as little time as possible. It’s free for email subscribers so sign up below.



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