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Do You Want to Lose Fat Without Following Strict Diets?

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If you answered yes, I have the solution for you. It will require work on your part. It isn’t a ‘quick fix’ or ‘magic pill’ because they don’t exist. I can’t guarantee results because without action it won’t help you. Be sure to read every word of this article because there is a surprise waiting for you at the end.

However if you are determined to make a change in your life and want to finally lose that belly fat; I am here to help you.
I have written a guide that will give you all the information you need to reach your weight loss goal. I don’t focus on fad diets or other unnecessary stuff.
Most books about losing weight are far too long. They might be interesting to read but they won’t help you lose weight.

The only goal of ‘Simply Lose It’ is to help average people lose fat. That’s it. If you want to lose weight in the most efficient way possible then you will not regret your decision to buy this book.
Doing a body transformation can be a scary task. If you try to find information online you will get lost in an ocean of conflicting advice. As a beginner you can’t tell good advice from bad advice so you are simply guessing.
I made the time-consuming decision to try to find the truth myself. It has been a long road filled with bad information and BS marketing claims.
In this book I want to pass on what I’ve learned from my hours of research. But it’s not just scientific studies; I have looked into what works in the real world.

I would hate it if you get discouraged by all the lies and never start on your weight loss journey.

Improving yourself is always a good idea. I can’t do the work for you but I will give you all the knowledge you need to get the body of your dreams.
A common excuse people give for not losing weight is because they don’t have time. I get it. Life can be tough and you have other responsibilities like your career or family to take care of. That’s why the focus of this e-book is to get you into the best shape of your life and save you time!

What You Will Learn In ‘Simply Lose It’:Simply Lose It

• You’ll find out what the most time-efficient way to lose weight is.

• I will show you how to train and eat in order to lose weight without having to spend countless hours in the gym or

• You’ll find out how to lose weight without giving up on your social life.


This book isn’t very long. The reason for this is… losing weight is simple. It doesn’t take 500 pages to teach you how to lose fat. Other authors try to make it more complicated than it has to be. They will give you scientific explanations of why their method works.
Do you honestly care why the weight loss method works? Or do you just want to look and feel better while becoming healthier?

My promises to you:

• I will never waste a minute of your valuable time.

• In this book you will only learn actionable ways to lose weight.

I won’t waste your time with explaining why things work. Reading about why something works is useless anyway.
Sure, using scientific words might make me sound smart but it doesn’t help you reach your goals at all.
In fact it makes it less likely that you will be successful. I’m sure you are busy enough already so why would I waste even more of your valuable time?
It doesn’t make sense.
This guide is not about quick fixes, magic pills or ‘one weird trick to lose 20 lbs in one day’ (without exercise or eating good foods)
Instead you will find practical tips that you can implement into your life right now.
Losing weight quickly is possible. It’s not even that hard if you know how to do it. The problem is you have been lied to for your whole life. It’s not your fault that you gained weight.  Unfortunately a lot of bad information gets spread around the world. Most people who try to help you lose weight are hurting rather than helping you. It’s not that they are bad people…They simply don’t know any better. I can teach you how to lose weight properly.


It does require work on your part. I would love to do the work for you…but it doesn’t work that way. You’re probably a smart person and want to change your body. I want to help people feel better about themselves.

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel disgusted with how you look? You are not alone.

I can help you achieve the body of your dreams. You will be happier, fitter, healthier and look a lot better.

It’s sad that people judge others by how they look. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in nowadays. There is nothing you or I can do to change that. What we can do is change the way we look and how people see us. It might not feel like it at the moment but with the information in this guide you will have total control over how your body looks. Wouldn’t it be great if all your friends knew you as “the hot one”?

Life is great when you have an amazing body. It’s superficial but true. People will treat you better for no reason. You will get more attention from the opposite sex. People will respect you more and want to be your friend. It’s weird but trust me it’s true. This guide is not only the key to changing your body but also the key to changing your life.

Tomorrow is the start of your new life. A healthier and happier life that you can enjoy by signing up for our mailing list and spending some time at the gym training smartly.

Training smartly is crucial.

Do not listen to advice from people you don’t want to look like. Their advice will hurt you. You are probably already busy with other commitments like your job and family so you can’t waste any time doing stupid exercises at the gym. In this e-book I have explained a basic training plan that will help you reduce your weight efficiently and easily.
You probably aren’t interested in becoming a bodybuilder or fitness model. (If you are this book is NOT for you)

This guide was written for the average person. If you want to…

credit: Elizabeth Berg

credit: Elizabeth Berg

  •  Reduce your body weight
  • Look better
  • Gain respect from people
  • Have more friends
  • Feel better
  • Be healthier
  • Lose weight without completely changing your life

…then this guide is for you.

Transforming your body and reaching your weight loss goal is easily achievable. You just have to know what you are doing. It hurts me every time I hear people talk about their ‘secret diet’.
I know it can be tough getting started. Finding the truth beneath all the lies is a very hard task. It doesn’t have to be though…

Think about the difference this guide could make in your life. You will never be fooled by false weight loss claims again. You won’t have to pay the ridiculously high prices for personal trainers ever again.
And best of all…
you will have the power to decide how your body looks in the future.

Get ‘Simply Lose It’ for free by becoming an email subscriber.

PS: I wish someone had shown me a guide like this when I got started. It would have cut at least a year off my learning curve.